Things I really liked in November 2017

My favorite photo from November

Happy December!

I’m going to be corny here and talk about how I can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2017!!

Didn’t I just write my Things I really liked in October post? It definitely feels like it.

My highlights of November:

-Tasting the best apple cider donuts from Carpe Donut…we tracked down the truck in Prospect Park and got a baker’s dozen because according to Vadim, you just can’t miss out on a good deal. Every single one was eaten by the way.

-The holiday weekend! Four days of just eating with no consequences was really satisfying and now I’m going through withdrawals. Anyone else with me?

I’m not an expert in the kitchen so I didn’t prepare a turkey or sides, I left that to my younger brother who’s amazing in the kitchen. (Thanks, Vince for making dinner such a hit once again!)

I wasn’t completely out of the kitchen though. I made two desserts! I made a vegan chocolate cake for Vadim’s family (who’s not into vegan food but they couldn’t tell the difference) and my all time favorite pumpkin bread pudding for my family. If you’d like either recipe, feel free to let me know in a comment 🙂 What was your favorite dish to make or eat?

My super low moment of November?

It would definitely have to be cracking my iPhone screen!

$160+ went into repairing it at the Apple Store that same day. I was so grateful that I was able to get it fixed that day but I was equally frustrated in knowing that having this $4 screen protector ($8 for a 2-pack) could have saved me all the trouble to begin with. Sigh, money down the drain to the never-ending spending black hole that is Apple products.

Anyway, without further rambling here let’s get into the usual business …

Things I really liked in November (Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle)


1. MeUndies Low Scoop Bralette (I wear a xs)

I found the perfect bralette! I want to shout this from the rooftop. A little backstory: I’ve never fit into a bra fully. So I don’t really wear them. I’m not even sure what my actual size is, it’s definitely smaller than a 32A. So I wear bralettes instead, but the padding always makes my chest look weirdly shaped. So it’s always either too much padding or no lining whatsoever. But there’s something magical about the “dual layer lining” and “contour darts” that conceals the nip situation like no other. Also, it’s super comfortable! I even forget that I have it on sometimes. So, goodbye to weirdly shaped bralettes and uncomfortable bras! I already ordered 3 more.

2. Everlane Lightweight Puffer Jacket (I wear an xs)

It’s pink, comfortable, packable, and water-resistant.  Everlane claims that it keeps you warm for weather as cold as 30-45° F.  I made sure to test this claim and lo and behold, I was actually warm in 30 something degree weather! I don’t mess around when it comes to cold weather so having the warmth without the bulk is a major plus.


1. Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir

Lately, my dark circles have been looking extra dark. I’ve always had a problem with dark circles-I’m pretty sure it’s genetic. I’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing ever seems to make it go away or help conceal it. This is the only concealer that comes close while still making the area look like skin. No airbrush effect here. Honestly, I don’t mind a little darkness peeking through. I use a tiny amount and dot it from the inner corner of my eye and out. I usually have to apply extra product on my right side versus left. This is the only concealer I can stand to use. See the difference below.


After (please excuse the hair and blank stare)
Products used (skincare not included): Glossier Boy Brow, Onomie Concealer, Glossier Balm Dotcom, and Maybelline Mascara (I talk about it below)

2. Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara (see effect in pictures above).

I know, I know…what happened to using only clean mascaras? (I wrote about how I found the holy grail clean mascara here). If you have naturally curly lashes then you’re good to use any mascara. But my stick straight Asian lashes need a little extra help. Although, I really do like the W3LL People mascara I raved about, my lashes would fall a little lower after an hour or two. And sometimes you really just want your lashes to be seen. This Maybelline mascara wand is the best I have used (ever!). It coats every lash evenly and doesn’t clump. It’s just so easy to use. I guess with everything there has to be a balance. Maybe one day, there will an amazing clean mascara for stick straight lashes. Fingers crossed!


1. Pod Save America

(Photo Credit: Google)

I’ve only just started listening to this podcast this month. If you want to be up to date on the world of politics both at home and abroad, then this is definitely one you should listen to. It’s a breath of fresh air from traditional news reporting. They’re funny and just easy to tune in. Btw, this gets me through 30 minute long elliptical workouts. Give it a go if you’re looking for something new to listen to.

2. TheSkimm

(Photo Credit: theSkimm)

I’ve been a “Skimmer” for the past few years. It’s super engaging for my millennial trained brain aka where you won’t need a political science degree to understand what’s happening. Go on their site and see what I mean. You might find that the news is no longer as intimidating to read, and you can impress everyone by how much you know.

3. Pardon My French podcast, specifically the Morgane Sezalory episode.

(Photo Credit:

I know I mentioned the Pardon my French podcast in last month’s favorites but this episode alone is a must listen. As someone who continues to feel lost, Morgane’s journey towards her fashion empire is so refreshing and inspiring. You might have even heard of her internationally known brand, Sézane. Yup, that’s her. From selling things on ebay to having stores in Paris, London, and New York. Give it a listen if you’re in the mood to be inspired.

4. Trader Joe’s snacks have really been my jam lately.

I’m a fan of this Scalloped Cracker Trio.

Perfect for sitting through a marathon of writing or a holiday party. I’m on my third box in three weeks!

These Quinoa and Black Bean infused Tortilla Chips are so good with or without salsa. I could finish a whole bag in one sitting.

And last but not least, in the spirit of the holidays, these Dark Chocolate Minty Mallows! If you like the idea of peppermint marshmallows coated in dark chocolate then you might be a fan of these too.

Where do I apply to be a Trader Joe’s snack taste tester???

That’s all my November favorites! Have any favorites you’d like to share? Let me know!

Also, the next time I will be writing another favorites, it will be 2018!! Until then, I’ll see you in my next blog post, next week!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sophie 🙂

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