5 Gift ideas that won’t have you stressing + 5 best places to shop

It’s that time of year again!

Christmas was never a big deal growing up. I mean, we’re not even Christian.

I did used to write to Santa though…up until the 5th grade. I think that was my last year of believing in the Claus.

There was however one year when we went into this large warehouse (Salvation Army event, I believe) and got to pick whatever we wanted. I picked up a Polly Pocket, the Asian Barbie, and some other nicknacks I can’t remember now. I don’t know how we heard about this event or remember any other details, besides the fact that we came home with a bag full of toys that day.

This was a big deal since my parents couldn’t afford to buy us gifts…aside from money being a factor, they were also like…we don’t believe in Christmas. That’s fair. I’m sure I had serious FOMO and felt like I was missing out on a really cool “holiday” but I definitely got over it quick.

I enjoyed the holiday season the most because we had a week off from school…that was the true gift, tbh.

Last year, my family and I did Secret Santa and that was really fun. I got a cookbook (thanks, Elaine) and Vadim got a cat mug and one of those helmets where you can drink beer through (sorry, Stephen-we had to throw that out when we moved).

After moving in September, we realized we already have everything we need and more (besides a Roomba…this is directed towards Vadim). So we decided to not exchange gifts with our family this year. However, if we had a niece/nephew, we would definitely spoil the hell out of that child. But alas, we do not…yet.

I think doing Secret Santa with my family last year was so much fun because we really enjoyed each other’s company.

This time I want that experience without the stress of having to pick out the “best” gift.

If you’re into the holiday season but not the whole stress of gift giving, read on for my 5 gift ideas (these are more obvious, reminders if anything) and best places to shop.

5 low-stress gift ideas

For the one that loves your homemade desserts?
Pick their favorite one and make it for them! Or buy all the nonperishable ingredients and pack it into a box or whatever medium you find and offer to have a baking session. Quality time + baked goods? Now, that’s a gift.

Not so much of a baker or a chef?
How about a brunch/lunch/dinner (whatever works) date on you! Wine and dine your loved one and finally catch up like you’ve been wanting to!

What about that one person that works so hard and never treats themselves to anything?
Give them a reason to finally give their nails some love or maybe a fabulous blow out. Whatever will get them to go “offline” for an hour or two and give themselves some much needed self-care.

What about parents and significant others who insist that they don’t need anything because they already have everything they need?
This is where your listening skills/memory come in. Is there something they’ve been eyeing but have been hesitant to buy for themselves? If not, you can always offer to take them out for something they like doing. You can plan the whole event and they just have to show up and enjoy. That should be easy enough, right?

How about that one person you got for secret Santa that you don’t know particularly well?
I don’t think you can go wrong with two movie tickets. This way they can now finally watch that movie they don’t want to pay $20 a ticket for. And, if you’re feeling really generous, popcorn’s on you too.

And if all else fails (bonus idea)
Give the gift of options with an Amazon gift card. Books, clothes, skincare, homeware, entertainment, you name it, it’s probably sold on Amazon.

But if these won’t do, then here are my top five places to shop:

Top 5 places to shop

1. Reformation has an awesome gift section this year. Sustainable gifts, sign me up. (They have accessories, beauty things, pjs, and even onesies for babies–peep below).

Some ideas:

A feminist onesie ($78)

A colorful pajama set ($128)

2. Everlane is the best place to shop for simple, well-made, and practical pieces at a very wallet-friendly price point.

I love their cotton sweater and puffer jacket. I’m also currently eyeing this $40 wool scarf for myself:

And if you’re gifting to someone who travels a lot, I love this weekender bag ($98)

3. Cuyana has a wide selection of amazing basics that are more on the feminine and sophisticated side. I’ve been eyeing this pajama set ($75) for a while (it just came back in stock in what seems like forever and it comes with a carry pouch for traveling). I might just pick it up for myself.

4. Glossier is the one place where I get all my beauty products. They’re easy to use and the packaging is just always on point. My favorites are: Boy Brow, Cloud Paint (read my review here), and Perfecting Skin Tint.

Some really cool sets they have right now:

Boy Brow + Haloscope Duo ($30)

All four of the Cloud Paints in a set ($55)

Body Hero Duo ($35)…I’ve been meaning to try this.

And last but not least, my favorite site to online window shop of all time…

5. Shopbop has an extensive gift section on their site. They have a buy more, save more sale going on right now. They also have free two-day shipping for Amazon prime customers and 3-day shipping for everyone else. So have no fear, last minute gift shoppers!

That’s my roundup! Are you doing gifts this year or are you doing something different? Would love to know!