5 mockneck outfits…turns out I’m a fan

Details: Everlane Mockneck top, Petite Studio plaid skirt, Loeffler Randall boots, Catbird earrings

I can’t wear turtlenecks.

It just doesn’t feel right to have a piece of clothing so close to my neck. And yet, a scarf wrapped around my neck feels comforting somehow. Does this make any sense? No. But if you get it, please enlighten me.

The mockneck, however, is the perfect marriage between the warmth of a turtleneck and the comfort of not being strangled gently by a piece of fabric. Whoever invented the mockneck was probably not a friend of the turtleneck…and is also a genius.

This winter I’m trying to dress smarter. I mentioned on Instagram that I really don’t know how to dress for the cold despite enduring/surviving 25 NYC winters. People always say to layer but I don’t really have tight clothes (bc I hate them) and honestly, I’d rather not look like Joey Tribbiani.

Then I saw this glorious mockneck tee from Everlane and decided to give it a go. It’s boxy, not too thin, and just cropped enough. Best part, the mockneck doesn’t even touch my actual neck.

After a week of wearing it mostly underneath things, I’ve learned that I am a fan. I get why people like turtlenecks and layer them underneath things. It really does make a difference! And, it actually looks pretty good.

I already see myself wearing this every chance I get, so I might have to pick up another one for hygiene purposes.

I am now ready to brave the cold, one mockneck outfit at a time.

4 other ways to wear a mockneck

  1. Be predicable and layer it underneath a sweater.

Sweater: Wildfox from last winter but here’s a really cute pink sweater and this Everlane version if you’re into cashmere.
Skirt: Reformation (also comes in black and navy)
Boots: Hunter

2. Hold onto summer by layering it underneath a summer dress.

Dress: Madewell (sizes are limited)  from this past summer
Same Loeffler Randall boots

3. Go ahead and layer it underneath any sleeveless dress you want to wear.

Dress: Avec Les Filles (summer 17) but this apron skirt/dress version they have now is really cute too
Same Loeffler Randall boots

4. Show the cold who’s boss by layering it underneath a faux fur vest.

Faux Fur vest: Zara (a few yrs old) but they currently have this version with a zipper and a hood
Jeans: Evidnt
Same Loeffler Randall boots

It was really fun to challenge myself and see how many outfits I could put together with this mockneck tee. It really seems to work with the pieces I have in my closet which means it gets an A+ from me.

I will definitely be repeat-outfit-offending with this until summer returns.

And, that’s a wrap on my mockneck endorsement.

Do you like mocknecks? How do you like to wear them?

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you in my next post.

Sophie 🙂

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