When a woman walks down the street, a poem by me

This poem is inspired by how uncomfortable and unsafe I often feel when I am walking down the street. It is also inspired by the many women who have spoken their truth about Harvey Weinstein.

When a woman walks down the street

When a woman walks down the street
She is subjected to unwanted stares,
Comments from those who do not care,
About who she is,
Who she wants to be
Or where she is going.

She looks back every now and then
To make sure no one is following.
She picks up her pace,
And starts to sweat a little
Because she knows there might be a chance
Someone will grab her.

Maybe I should have put on jeans today
Instead of this skirt.
I feel so vulnerable,
So exposed,
And so afraid.

I’m almost there,
I’m almost there.
She repeats
Over and over
Like a soothing mantra.

She sees a group of people ahead
And breathes a little slower.
They see me now.

But before she could think 
About what they could do,
She gets home,
Puts away her skirt
And reminds herself to wear pants next time.

A reminder created by the belief
That a woman is at fault,
For wearing clothes that “provoke”.
It does not matter
What she wears,
It is not her fault.

A woman who speaks out
Is a woman with an agenda.
She just wants money
And 15 minutes of fame,
They tell one another.

But somewhere underneath the lies,
They must be wondering
What if she’s telling the truth.

The other voices are louder.
They stand by,
Blindly defend,
Or worse,
They stay silent.

Women and girls
Who are watching,
Lock up their voices
And throw away the key.
Because the truth is not safe.
Not here
And not now.
Will it ever be?


But how?

We speak up.
Tell our family
Our friends
It is never okay
To place blame
On a woman.
For what she wears,
Is her choice.
And what she says,
is her truth.

We teach our young people
the meaning of consent,
that no means no,
and that a woman is equal.

Then maybe one day
When a woman walks down the street
She won’t have to think about any of this crap.


Outfit details:
Top: Rebecca Taylor (old), similar here
Skirt: Aritzia (old), similar here
Shoes: Loeffler Randall

I’ll see you in my next post.

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