Things I really liked in September 2017

We’re officially into Fall and October! Seriously, how do we only have 3 months left of 2017?

September started off really hectic. With moving, no wifi, and being in a new space overall, I needed some time to process and settle in. It was also really eye-opening to see how much stuff we accumulated in our previous apartment. And I mean so. much. stuff.

After getting rid of so much and moving the rest, Vadim and I vowed to never have that much stuff again. Hopefully, we’re doing well so far.

Another big thing that happened in the beginning of September was our one year wedding dinner anniversary. I wrote about my wedding planning experience here and all my other wedding related posts can be found here.

We were both really excited to finally eat our wedding cake (from Luckybird Bakery) that we kept in the freezer for a whole year. It was a bit cold but was just as delicious as we remembered. I really wanted to get nice plates for this moment but didn’t find any I liked. We were also day 3 into moving so paper plates just seemed logical and good for our sanity.

I’m smiling here in the one spot where it wasn’t cluttered in our apartment (our couch), but Esteban’s grumpy face is a more accurate representation of our move and post-move experience.

And the rest of September was much less exciting and more focused on settling into our new space. Well, a month and a few days later we are fully settled. Now that my September recap/ramble is done, here are the things I really liked in September broken into Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle.


Re/Done Hanes 1950s Boxy Tee ($78)
I honestly never knew there was such thing as the perfect white tee until this one from Re/Done. The boxiness of this tee is loose and cropped enough to not reveal too much while still being really comfortable and easy. This is 1 of 2 white tees I own and it’s my favorite. This also has a 1-year replacement guarantee (if it gets damaged) by Re/Done, no matter where you purchase it. All you have to do is sign up here once you get it. P.S. If you’re a first time customer on Re/Done, you can get 15% off for signing up for their emails.

Re/Done High Rise Ankle Crop Jeans ($240)
This is a really expensive pair of jeans. This also happens to be the most comfortable pair of high-waisted jeans that actually stay high-waisted with wear. I’ve had such a hard time looking for an actual pair of high-waisted jeans that don’t eventually expand and sag. This is probably pretty close to the perfect pair of jeans, for me. P.S. Re/Done offers free repairs for life on their jeans so maybe the $240 price tag isn’t so terrible after all?

Reformation Corduroy Skirt ($98)
If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m obsessed with wearing this skirt with everything in my closet. It’s so soft, it’s sustainable, and looks so good with everything. Similar version here from Gap ($40) and another version here with a zipper front from Topshop ($65).


Honest Baby Wipes saved me when I had to clean up after Esteban, and they work as makeup wipes too. They come in a pack of 72 for $4.99, which is cheaper than drugstore makeup wipes. They’re gentle, biodegradable, and really do feel “ultra-soft”. If you’re looking for something to wipe off makeup, sweat, or grime you might want to give these a go.

Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing Oil ($28 for the full size version) has fully replaced my DHC Cleansing Oil that I loved so much. This is lightweight oil that really does a good job of getting makeup and the remnants of the day off of my face. It doesn’t sting my eyes and is not messy at all. I’ve had this for over a month and am a little over a fourth of the way through. I expect this to last me into winter. So far, so good.

Make P:rem Safe Relief Cream ($36) is hands down my favorite moisturizer. I wrote about it here in my dewy skin post. I’ve had this since March and it’s still going strong and Vadim uses it also. A little goes a long way. It’s super gentle and feels like a really nice hug when I massage it into my face.


Muji slippers ($6) are machine washable and so good I would wear this if it was made for the outside world. I’m not kidding.

Muji Storage Containers ($36.50 for the largest size) has helped us maximize our closet space. They’re stackable, makes everything easy to spot, and have been working really well for us. The picture above is my side of the closet.

And last but not least, entertainment via podcasts. 2 Dope Queens and Girlboss Radio are the only two podcasts I currently listen to. I’m always looking for more. Leave me your recommendations if you have any. 2 Dope Queens makes me laugh during my workouts at the gym and Girlboss Radio makes me feel motivated on long boring walks. Check them both out if you want to listen to amazing women talk about issues that matter, pop culture, career development, and everything in between.

What are some things you really liked in September?

Did you accomplish something really exciting?

I would love to know!

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you in my next post.

Sophie 🙂

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This is not an ad. All opinions are my own.