Keep it simple or make a statement?

Lately, I feel like I’ve been in a style rut. Or rather it feels like everything I put on isn’t styled enough.

I actually came across this Vice article from 2014 where a writer goes “incognito” as a fashion blogger and “dressed like an idiot” (her words) to fool photographers during London Fashion week. It seems like 3 years later, this is still very relevant. It still feels like you have to “outdo” the next person to “get ahead” so to speak. I can’t help but feel like the clothes I own and the outfits I pull together are just inadequate and lackluster. Do I have to put on a metallic cape like the writer did, and sashay past photographers in the streets during NYFW to get a glance, and maybe even some intrigue?

If I post a picture of myself in my favorite t-shirt and jeans, will anyone take a second look and even consider it “#styleinspo”? Is inspiration synonymous with fantasy? Do we consider the plain Jane who walks around in comfort and confidence? Or are we too fixated on the beautiful images designed to take us to a dream-like state where we wish, ponder, and dream. Can we value both? And can they both be seen as beautiful?

Can I appreciate Everlane and also dream of Reformation?

As I find myself gravitating towards the simplicity and ease of minimal style, I also feel a strong pull towards statement looks. Something so “bold” and so “different” from the way I dress, that anyone walking by or scrolling through would stop for a moment to comment on my sense of style. Maybe they’ll say something negative, maybe they’ll say something positive, but at least they’ll notice. It’s funny for me to be writing this because I don’t like attention. And yet in this blogging and social media world, the point is to be noticed and to want people to pay attention to what you’re creating.

So I have to ask myself, what is the message that I am trying to convey? Where is the middle ground that makes me feel authentic and genuine?

I hope to convey the importance of allowing myself to be me and encouraging you to be you. And that sometimes I can be me with all the enhancements, and that you can be you with all the extra details. And this happens when we want it to. It’s about doing what you want because it feels good. What I wear and how I express myself should always feel good. Like that feeling when you come home and release yourself from the wrath of your bra. Or when you finally remove your makeup with your oil cleanser at the end of a long day. You get it.

For me, the middle ground is treating my “simple” pieces as a secure home base for trying out trends. If it doesn’t look or feel good with my favorite basic pieces, then it probably won’t make the cut. It will feel like I am cheating on who I am and even who I want to be. Too extreme? Maybe. Maybe not.

And sometimes keeping it simple is making a statement.

Outfit details
Top: Mango (old) but here’s a similar version from their current collection
Jeans: Evidnt
Bag: Clare V.
Shoes: Repetto
Earrings: Catbird

What are your thoughts? If your style was a message, what would it be? I would love to know!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you in my next post.

Sophie 🙂

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