3 easy steps to declutter your space

I’m not a decluttering expert by any means but based on my experience, I’ve found this 3-step process to be helpful.

Step 1: Start small.
If you get overwhelmed by the thought of having to go through everything you own…start small and in sections. I started with the two shelves in my supply closet where I keep all my beauty and skincare products. This made me feel more at ease and once I was done I felt energized to keep going.

Step 2: Keep, toss, or give away.
It can be really tricky to decide what to keep, toss, or give away. Especially when it comes to something I spent a pretty penny on or something that is associated with happy memories. But I think I have a pretty good system in place.

I keep:
-all the products in my current skincare routine
-my everyday makeup products
-clothes/shoes that I have been wearing religiously for the last few months

I toss:
-any skincare/beauty products that I don’t like and have been keeping around for hoarding reasons
-clothes/shoes that are heavily worn and not in good condition
P.S. I also recycle the containers after cleaning out the product inside (whenever possible)…it’s extra work but anything to minimize the amount of plastic I’m contributing to our oceans

I give away: (Would I give this to a friend? If yes, proceed)
-any unused or lightly used skincare/beauty products
-clothes/shoes that either don’t fit or isn’t my style anymore with minimal signs of wear (question you should ask is: would I give this to a friend? If yes, proceed)
-appliances that you no longer need but are still in good + usable condition

Step 3: Organize the chaos.
Once you figure out what you’re keeping, take a good look at what you currently have to store and organize it all. Decide if it’s enough or if there is something you can buy to utilize the space you have more efficiently.

Some things I’m considering for myself:

For clothes: Plastic stacking pull-out drawers and hangers for skirts + pants

Photo Source: containerstore.com

For Shoes: I’m eyeing these plastic drawer containers that allow you to stack and pull out what you need.

Photo Source: containerstore.com

For skincare/beauty things: plastic bins that will hold everything in one place, make it easier to see where everything is, and be easy to move around if needed.

Photo Source: muji.com

If you feel there is more that needs to be decluttered then go back to step 1: start small. It also helps to play some music, have some snacks on hand, and maybe even put on your favorite movie/tv show so that you can make the experience a little more pleasant.

To recap: 1) start small, 2) decide to keep, toss, or give away, and 3) organize. And if you feel stuck at step 2, here are 3 questions you can quickly ask yourself to help speed up the decision making process:

Will I use this? If no –> toss or give away

Does it fit? If no–> toss or give away

Will someone else make better use of this? if yes –> give away

If you need some more inspiration, read my spring cleaning post here.

How do you declutter your space? I would love to know!

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you in my next post 🙂


Disclaimer: Not an ad. Just sharing helpful decluttering tips.