The significance of the number “9”

In Chinese Culture, the number 9 sounds exactly like the Chinese word “久” (jiu) which means long-lasting (Travel China Guide). I’ve grown up believing that if you want something to last forever then it better have the number 9 in it. For example, if you’re buying property, make sure there’s the number 9 in the price somewhere (the more the better). And if you’re thinking of a good date to make a major change, schedule it for September aka the 9th month of the year, 9 am/pm, 9th day of the month…you get the point. These are just a few examples of how you might incorporate the number 9 into something you want to last for a long time.

I know life doesn’t always work out this way, but I still think it’s pretty cool to find special meaning in something as mundane as numbers and dates.

So why am I talking about the number 9 so much?

To be honest, I was inspired by my 9 year anniversary with my husband, Vadim. Although it literally is just the passing of time and not some special reason that explains our relationship lasting for 9 years, it still feels like the universe is giving us a thumbs up.

Aside from my relationship, my career’s longevity is also something that means a lot to me. Will I make it to my 9th month of blogging? Will my blog be around in 2019? Will I still be writing, creating, and sharing 9 years from now? Or will this lead to a different dream? There are so many questions that will only be answered in time.

Clearly, my career is a stand-still right now. I don’t have the numbers or the compensation to indicate that I am in fact by trade, a blogger.  If anything, I am my own intern. I’m trying to gain experience, build up my resumé, and make a name for myself so that I can vouch for my ability to take on future career opportunities. It makes me nervous even putting this in writing because truthfully, I’m scared of being judged for this. I’m scared of what people will assume about me, my abilities, and my intelligence because they think what they think about bloggers.

Whenever I begin to doubt myself, I think back to what I wrote in my About page. About wanting to add my voice to the blogging community, sharing what is helpful in my life, and most importantly encouraging people to reconsider their “farfetched” dreams and ask themselves, “why not me?”

And finally, because I want this blog to become something long-lasting, I gave it a major makeover. I’ve been wanting to self-host my blog for a while but didn’t really understand it. But I finally figured it out. You’re now looking at the new and improved Sophie with a blog.

And yes, all these thoughts were inspired by the number 9. Do you have a number that means something significant to you? Would love to know!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next post.

Sophie 🙂