10 summer party dresses you’ll wear again (all under $100)

party ready

To be honest, much like the shoe dilemma I talked about earlier this week, I have just as much trouble finding the “perfect” dress for parties/special occasions. I get excited for the invitation, forget about it, then go “oh crap” when the dress of my imagination isn’t hanging in my closet. No magical wardrobe and no Turkish delights.

Then like clockwork I find myself running around the city the day before, hoping that the dress is waiting for me somewhere between Canal Street and Broadway Lafayette. Not going to lie, the success rate isn’t high. I did, however, find my wedding dress for City Hall that way. Thanks, Club Monaco.

Most of the time though, I end up with these pieces that I’ll wear once because at the time of purchase it was “good enough.” Now that I am trying to edit my wardrobe and only buy pieces that will stand the test of time (for the most part), I want to be prepared for the next invitation.

Here are 10 (comfortable and uncomplicated) summer dresses you can wear over and over again…

1. Red Eyelet (Photo: H&M)

red wedding guest dress

2. Ruffle Hem (Photo: & Other Stories)
raspberry wedding guest dress

3. Pink Floral Wrap (Photo: H&M)

pink wedding guest dress
4. Not so mellow yellow (Photo: H&M)

yellow wedding guest dress

5. Dusky green (Photo: H&M)

green wedding guest dress

6. Ruffled sleeves (Photo: Zara)

green wedding guest dress 2

7. Forest green (Photo: H&M)

dark green wedding guest dress

8. Sky blue (Photo: & Other Stories)

blue wedding guest dress.png

9. Navy off-the-shoulder (Photo: H&M)

navy wedding guest dress

10. Gold hearts (Photo: & Other Stories)

black dress with hearts

Hopefully this was helpful 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next post!

Have a great weekend.

Sophie 🙂

Disclaimer: Not an ad. Just sharing some summer dress inspiration.