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Today I’m sharing with you the body products I use to take care of my skin.

My history with eczema

If you’ve read my skincare and hair care posts then you know that I struggle with face acne and an itchy, oily scalp. But what I haven’t shared with you is that I also struggle with eczema. Ever since I can remember, my arms and legs would flare up with itchy, red patches. But before I could figure out how to properly treat it, my eczema went dormant for a period of time in high school and college.

A few years ago, my eczema started coming back. This time the itchy, red patches were showing up on the back of my knees and my right hand.  Since I never figured out what helped my eczema in the first place, I was always surprised and left with no game plan. So I applied hydrocortisone cream for temporary relief. I knew this was not a long-term solution and longed to find something more “natural” to treat the problem.

My light bulb moment

A few months ago, the eczema on my right hand just wouldn’t budge. Whatever I did just seemed to irritate it more. Then, what should have been the most obvious change occurred to me. My hand soap! My husband was unaffected by the soap we used, so it never occurred to me that that was the issue. I never looked at the ingredients in my soap until I did my own research. That’s when I found out that soaps labeled “anti-bacterial” are great for that squeaky clean feeling, but do no favors for eczema prone skin. If you want to learn more about managing hand eczema, read about it here (National Eczema Association). So the moral of the story is twofold. One, always do your research. And two, ingredients matter.

What I currently use on my hands and body

bodycare products

(L-R): Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap in the scent, “basil” (~$4/bottle) // Le Petit Marseillais Extra Gentle Shower Crème in “lavender honey” (~$4/bottle) // Everyone Lotion in “citrus + mint” ($7-12, depending on retailer).

Mini Reviews

meyer's clean day soap
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap in the scent, “basil”
-Feels gentle on my hands.
-Does not dry or irritate them.
-Smells both fresh and naturally sweet.
-My right hand is finally in the clear!

le petit marseillais

Le Petit Marseillais Extra Gentle Shower Crème in “lavender honey”
-Feels gentle on my skin.
-Is pH neutral (won’t strip your body of moisture).
-Smells divine (if lavender smelled sweet).
-I have not seen any eczema show up on my legs in a while since switching over to more skin-friendly body washes, like this one.
-This is my second bottle of Le Petit Marseillais body wash. I first mentioned the shower gel in White Peach & Nectarine here.

everyone lotion in citrus mint
Everyone Lotion in “citrus + mint”
-Does a great job at replenishing my skin post-shower and post-hand wash.
-Smells great.
-32 oz bottle will probably last several months.
-I first mentioned this here.

This was quite a lengthy post. But I hope that this was helpful and inspired you to do your own research on what works best for your skin.



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