Bikini Confessions

striped bikini 2

Over the weekend, I decided to let my belly breathe at the beach. This is a new one for me. I honestly can’t remember a time when I felt comfortable wearing a bikini. If there was a time it would have been in my pre-school days, when self-doubt didn’t ruin the joy of wearing my rainbow one-piece and jelly sandals. It feels involuntary at this point to suck in my belly while wearing a bikini. But why would I want to give people this illusion?

I could name all the external things that I am aware of that have shaped this behavior. Magazines, TV shows, movies, ads, workout videos, and photoshopped images on Instagram. I know that unrealistic images and portrayals of the human body create unrealistic expectations. I have criticized myself for not looking like the images I have been socialized to understand are “desirable” and “attractive.” The bikini tops in extra-small that I can never fill up, even with the built-in padding reminds me that being small on top is “abnormal.” But what could I have done if this was all that was offered to me in stores?

beach look

I would cross my arms to hide my chest. I would suck in my belly for photos. And I would cover up as soon as I had to get up. All of this meant that I was accepting these unrealistic expectations, contorting my body to meet them, and feeling disappointed that I was still falling short. And I always will because these expectations I have placed on myself do not take into consideration my genetics or my lifestyle (eating habits, stress level, sleep patterns, physical activity, and etc…). In other words, I didn’t consider myself in all of this.

happy at the beach

I didn’t consider that I love to be comfortable almost as much as I love food. Or that unhealthy and unrealistic expectations of the female body make me mad. So where do I begin? I begin by accepting myself.

beach look 2

I let it show that I am actually happy with being a 32AA by wearing bikini tops that are designed to fit. I let myself breathe when I wear a two-piece by letting my belly be in the state it wants to be in. And if I want a flatter belly, I can work out more regularly. But I never forget to remind myself that I can’t be that image that I have been socialized to like because it’s not real. I do hope that the more I tell myself that I accept and love the body I see in the mirror, the more I am able to tune out all the noise that tells me I am not enough.

I have to admit this was a challenging post to write. How do I approach this topic of body acceptance and self-love with respect and inclusiveness? How do I make this thoughtful, considerate, and helpful? I am not sure that I accomplished all of this. But I do know that I was honest and I hope that in this, there is something helpful and positive that can be taken away from this post.

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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this post.

See you in my next one,
Sophie 🙂

Disclaimer: Not an ad. Just sharing my experience and my journey towards self-love and acceptance.