For your eyes only

karen walker

The weekend is close by and it smells like a box of fresh donuts. Maybe it has something to do with my birthday on Saturday. I will need the doughy comfort to soothe me through the rain that is supposed to happen even though it’s MAY!

Donuts and rainy weather aside, I’ve been feeling really uninspired with my Spring style. The easiest way to pretend like the sun is actually out when it’s playing hide and seek is putting on a pair of sunglasses. It’s the easiest way to talk to the world without saying a word.

When I want to pretend like I have the cloak of invisibility, I wear my Karen Walker Special Fit Super Duper Strength (the actual name) sunglasses. I would wait for the next Shopbop sale to save that money.

And when I want to complete my look with something extra but minimal, I put on my favorite and most reliable Madewell Fest Aviator sunglasses.  I got them for my honeymoon expecting them to be taken by some monkeys in Bali but ended up wearing and keeping them the whole time. And now I wear them in almost every outfit post since my first one (below).

madewell sunglasses

I’ve been eyeing these ones from Marc Jacobs, mostly because they are the perfect pink shade. Can’t quite justify the $200 price tag though…


There are also these Free People dupes that cost $20.

Hopefully this post will inspire more sunny weather here in NYC. I will be busy doing the “no rain” dance till Saturday.

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Disclaimer: Not an ad. Just sharing my thoughts on sunglasses.