Traveling light + Coachella Style Diary

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How I travel light:

Check the weather: For Palm Springs and Indio, the weather was 90-100 degrees in the day and a low of 70-80 degrees at night.

Ask myself the following questions:

What will I be doing?

What pieces will look good and feel comfortable for each activity? (Bonus points for pieces I can wear more than once)

What do I need to add to complete the look (bag, shoes, etc…)?

Second guessing something? Don’t bring it.

The Numbers: Everything I packed + wore
for 5 days (not including pjs + underwear)

4 tops
2 shorts (I stuck with gray shorts but it’s always good to have back-up) 
2 pairs of shoes
2 bathing suits
(didn’t photograph this striped top + bottom from SKYE & staghorn).
1 dress
1 pair of sunglasses: The one I wear in every photo. From Madewell
1 purse:
my usual Rebecca Minkoff brown camera bag, same one in black.
1 carry-on:
 Everlane Weekender bag.

So proud that I only over packed 1 thing: my baseball cap. It didn’t take up much space anyway.

Outfit Breakdown

Wore this same outfit for the plane both ways:


Similar striped tee
Similar gray joggers

Day 1

Day 1
Faithfull the Brand Striped Top 
Brandy Melville Shorts
Other options:
Similar from Aerie
Similar with side ties

Day 2 

Day 2
Sheer Top
Same Brandy Melville Shorts
Aritzia Denim Jacket (not shown here)


pool side

pool side 2
Marysia Swim Top
Matching Bottom
White Button Down

Sam Edelman Gold Slides

Day 3

(Obviously not a photo from Coachella but exact same outfit)
Day 3
Clayton Navy Dress 

Hope this all made sense and has inspired you to pack just what you need for your next trip. *This doesn’t apply if you don’t mind checking a bag and having lots of options.*

Thanks for stopping by!


Disclaimer: Not an ad. Just sharing my experience.