Spring Cleaning + Favorite Outfits

prom dress

Attempting a Carrie Bradshaw moment with my prom dress that I have been meaning to donate for years.

After procrastinating for the past few weeks, I finally mustered up the courage to declutter my closet. I have done this many times in the past and each time I am horrified at the sheer amount of clothes and things that I accumulate. This time was no different.

Here are some of my post-decluttering thoughts/things I need to remind myself followed by some of my recent favorite outfits.

1. If I haven’t worn it, trust that there’s a reason why.
Some reasons include: I can’t wear a bra with it, I can’t eat in it, it’s uncomfortable, and etc…

2. I have a cat. Buy/wear dark clothes at my own risk.

3. Clothes with good memories. You never know when you want to show someone the exact outfit you were wearing when (insert happy memory here)…right? Refer to thought # 1. If it doesn’t fit, doesn’t look good, or you can’t find a reason to want to wear it again…give it a better home.

4. Clothes with bad memories. Good bye.

5. My style has changed. I have kept clothes from high school (refer to photo up top where I am wearing my prom dress) and college that I now look at and wonder how and why…Now, I like to keep things as simple as possible. And if there is something “extra” that I am adding to an outfit, I like to let that piece take center stage while everything else is  kept simple.

And now, my favorite outfits from the past few weeks.

cherry sweater

Letting this sweater have its moment. Also, from my very first outfit post.

navy dress

Night out look. Keeping things flowy and simple so I can eat and dance. Clayton dressSam Edelman heels, and Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC.


Fur vest on a beach? Yes. I successfully layered that day. Aritzia denim jacket, old Zara striped sweatshirt/similar from EverlaneMadewell Jeans, and Vans.



Denim + Stripes + Vans (Same details as above except for the Gap jeans)

denim dress 1

“Did you get the shot?” Did I mention I like denim and Vans? Denim dress (old) from American Eagle Outfitters, similar one from Gap.


Spring or Fall? I also love vests. FYI, I was still cold with this on b/c Spring in NYC means wind + sun. Jcrew vest from Fall, Everlane Sweater (currently out of stock till August), same Madewell Jeans from photos above, and Vans.

Hope this inspired you to do a little spring cleaning!

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