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“You shouldn’t wash your hair everyday,” said every hair stylist you will ever meet.

Every time I get my hair cut by a professional, they can always tell that I wash it everyday. And every time without fail they will follow with the same sage advice about washing it less often, without explaining the magic involved.

Oily Confessions

In my Ouai Dry Shampoo review, I talked about my oily hair and how I thought I had to wash it everyday for it to look and feel clean. 

Pic on left: my just washed hair while waiting for our layover flight to Hong Kong back in November. Pic on right: 15 hrs later…stringy, oily, and super uncomfortable hair

Secrets Revealed

But after my most recent haircut, Devin (the stylist who cut my hair at Rogue House Salon) told me that he was working with day 3 hair (it had so much volume!). He broke it down for me and made it really simple to follow (this is what I’ve been doing for the past month):

It takes time to train your hair to produce less oil. Especially when your hair has gotten use to products that dry out the scalp. So it continues to overproduce oil until it realizes that it no longer needs to do that. (Love how scientific this all is!)

Wash your hair with just water on the days you don’t shampoo and make sure you really massage the scalp to get the grime out without stripping the natural oils that keeps things in check.

When you do shampoo, really get your hands in there and make it count. Think about how hair stylists massages your scalp when they wash your hair.

Check the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner. In your shampoo, make sure there are no sulfates or other ingredients that you would find in industrial strength soap. You don’t want to strip your scalp of all the naturally good things it produces on its own. And with your conditioner, you want to make sure that it’s not relying on silicone to simply coat the strands to mimic soft hair without really doing anything to bring moisture back.

I’ve been using Volu Shampoo from Davines (promises to give volume to fine hair) and Momo Conditioner, also from Davines (which promises to give moisture to dry and dehydrated hair).

Shampoo and conditioner

Both products are expensive and not at all what I usually spend on hair care. As you can see from this picture I took earlier, there’s still plenty of conditioner left (it’s probably going to last me for another 2 months or so) and in the long run a bottle of shampoo will last me a lot longer because I will need it less often. 

Et Voilà (A month later…) 

Here’s what my hair looked like post shampoo and conditioner.

1. I don’t rely on dry shampoo anymore (my Ouai dry shampoo foam is now sitting in the back of my supply closet for emergencies or if someone in my life wants to give it a try)
2. I now shampoo my hair every other day
3. My second day hair still has a bit of volume and doesn’t get as stringy as it did before
4. My scalp no longer feels angry and itchy

Final Thoughts

If you try this, you will feel uncomfortable. But this will not last. Massaging your scalp with water on in between days really make all the difference. Doing this will clean your scalp and bring volume back into your hair. And by the end of the second week, I felt like my hair was already getting used to the swing of things.

This was me Saturday night getting ready to go out with second day hair!

Next challenge

Getting through two full days without shampooing…

This was a longer post than usual but I hope it was informative. If you’ve given this a try, leave a comment below and let me know how it went. If you know somebody with oily hair, share this post with them!



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