First Impression: Clarifying Water Rubber Mask

A.C. Clarifying Mask

Face Stats: Acne prone, combination skin

Brief history: I always thought cleaning my pores with exfoliants, scrubs, and prayers to the universe were the key to clear skin. So I did that for the past 10+ years. Spoiler alert: I still break out regularly, have clogged pores, and although my face is oily, it also feels really dry and dehydrated. Totally hit the jackpot here, thanks Mother Nature.

After some research: I realized that I wasn’t moisturizing my skin enough after using products that promised to clear, clarify, eliminate, exfoliate, and the list goes on… So my skin would freak out and produce more oil to make sure that my skin doesn’t peel off from the dryness (great visual right?). This actually makes sense because I’ve also been “training” my hair to produce less oil and it has definitely made a difference in how often I need to shampoo (post on this coming soon).

Trying something different: Clarifying Water Rubber Mask (I picked this up from the Glow Recipe store on West Broadway).

Cost$9 (you get 10% off your first visit, 20% off your second visit, and more perks)

Mask Claims: To sooth, hydrate, and reduce irritation among a number of other wonderful sounding things.

Thoughts before applicationThe mask will look just like the cover (it didn’t). It will be easy to apply, my skin will feel great, and I will have enough time to head out to my family dinner right after (I was late).

MaterialsPart 1 and 2MixtureApplication1

Applying the mask:

-It was easy enough to mix step 1 and 2 into the tray
-The spatula was as helpful as it could be, but it was really difficult to apply evenly onto the skin (didn’t look like the cover at all)

The wait:
-30 mins long
-Did not bother me
-Did not feel tightening and dry like most “clarifying” masks

Peel off Mask 1

Peeling it off:
-Took about 5 or more minutes
-Some parts are easier to peel off than others depending on how thickly coated the mask was in certain areas of the face. The hardest parts to peel were my temples, forehead, and under my chin (I also found some that dried in my nostril…)
-Was a bit messy, but I didn’t mind it. It is helpful to have a tissue on hand to collect the pieces.

Post Mask 1
-Did not wash my face after (according to instructions)
-My skin felt hydrated, smooth, and my pores looked less congested
-My skincare routine went on smoothly
-Would definitely purchase again
-A day later, my skin still feels soft and hydrated

-Apply this during a relaxing evening at home
-Get hair out of the way
-Try to coat the mask on evenly so that all areas of the face have about the same amount of mask

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Disclaimer: I am not a skincare professional and this is not an ad. Just sharing my experience.