Photo Diary: Honeymoon in Bali


My husband and I went to Bali for our honeymoon in November (Bali’s rain season). At the time it seemed like a no brainer to pick Bali for our honeymoon destination. Some of our friends who have been there, raved about the food, the people, and how much they would love to go back. So we went on Airbnb and did some looking around and booked this beautiful villa. Check it out via the link to see all the wonderful pics of it and the amazing (100% accurate) reviews.

Here are some of my favorite photos that I think accurately captures our experience.

Breakfast with fresh fruit and a glorious view, every single day. My first experience with duck eggs, I didn’t mind them (definitely a stronger yolk taste) but my husband wasn’t into it.

Bali fruit with a viewFruit closeup 1duck eggs

Lunch: basically had some kind of noodle/rice dish every single day. No shame in the game.


Rainy season in Bali means lush, green views everywhere and quick bursts of rain that usually don’t last long before the sun comes out again.

Animals! This was the first time I’ve been this close to cows or bats! Our local guide asked us if we wanted to visit a bat cave but that wasn’t really our style…we like to leave animals alone in their natural habitat. This family of cows though would graze all day everyday right in front of the villa. And this bat was just hanging by a local rice field.


And finally, let’s not forget the effortlessly beautiful Bali sunsets.

kudeta sunsetpurple sunsetsunset

No joke, as soon as I finished writing this post, the sun came out after snowing…there is most definitely something magical about Bali-just thinking about it conjures up some warm vibes.

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Sophie Chen